Davey Harding

Creative Design and Development

User Interface Designer and Developer, Front-End Developer, User Experience Designer and Developer, Responsive Design


Featured Project

Verizon Wireless Smart Cities

Salt Lake City, Utah - 2015

Working on the Verizon Wireless Smart Cities project as the lead developer, I had the opportunity to build several custom responsive components using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. We put a lot of time and care into making sure that the experience looked and felt great on all resolutions of desktop browsers, as well as horizontal tablet and phone, and also had the opportunity to incorporate a lot of fun, subtle cityscape animations.

"It was clear to me at an early age that my passion lie in creating..."

It was clear to me at an early age that my passion lie in creating—in taking a concept or a basic idea, and bringing it to life in ways that not only support and fulfill the objective, but enrich it, as often as possible beyond the original vision. After 18 years of working in creative marketing and information technology landscapes, it is only natural that I have ended up in user interface design and development, applying the culminating result of my experiences to create and improve ways in which users interact with the technological manifestations of what were once nothing more than concept.