Davey Harding

Unceasingly creative, borderline-obsessed problem solver with an aptitude for absurdity and a love of humanity and aminals... and also of ANimals, plants, bugs, intangibles, clouds and collections of gadgets and gear. Digital nomad, day dreamer, night dreamer, around-the-clock light gleamer, purveyor of silliness and wit. Technical curator, laugher at jokes, life, and in the faces of danger. Pusher of limits, pixels and progress, explorer of lands and ideas. Believer in goodness, receiver of fortune, singer, song-writer, proponent of love. Avid consumer of and champion de pizza and snacks. Philosopher, storyteller, truthspeaker, programmer, writer moonlighter and fighter of vices. Kind and sensitive, easy delight, quick to adventure, hardworker, loyal, owl of the night. Friend to all, enemy of none, architect of systems and lover of space. Dogfather, traveler, experience gatherer, teacher, partner and manager, mentor and student of life for life.



Technical Co-Founder, Web and App Development Lead


Manager of Web Development

Verizon Smart Cities

Creative Concepting / UI Development

Intel Smarter Security

UI Development

United States Postal Service

Creative Concepting

Verizon Enterprises News Site

UI Development / Wordpress / PHP

Verizon Solutions Lab

UI Development / Development Lead

About One

UI and UX Design and Development

Utah Business Hall of Fame

Touchscreen UI Design and Development

Junior Achievement City

Touchscreen UI Design and Development

Boost Mobile

Web Designer, Web Production Manager

Bourbon House

Web Design and Development

Dirty Rotten Buckers

Web Design and Development